Corsair Dominator Platinum CL10 2666 MHz 4x 4GB DDR3 58

Corsair Dominator Platinum CL10 2666 MHz 4x 4GB DDR3 Review

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The Corsair Dominator Platinum kit comes is a pretty sexy box, one that really suits this high-end kit. The corners of the black box have been lopped off, giving it a definite non-traditional look. A window on top shows the top of one of the sticks, while the back of the box has a brief description in many different languages.

The sides of the box are a shiny "platinum" color to match the name Corsair has given the sticks, one that ties into the sticks esthetically. I mentioned that the corners were lopped off and they truly are, as that bit of black you see in the picture above is actually foam that holds the sticks in the box. With this being a four-stick 16 GB kit, the box itself is actually comprised of two boxes that attach to each other on the bottom with a bit of velcro, and a bit of cardboard on top. Corsair really went the extra mile designing this package as enviro-friendly while remaining sophisticated, and they really managed to impress me a lot with this box.

I did find one foul though. Inside the box are windows allowing you to see the label of each stick, as the box itself doesn't really disclose this information. The sticks themselves, and thereby the logos of the sticks, are in the box upside-down and can't be turned around in the packaging, so you end up flipping the box over again after you open it. A small thing, but it did distract a bit from what was otherwise a really good first impression.

As mentioned, the sticks are contained in some high-density foam that helps them stay safe between the factory and you. Each stick is also nestled inside a plastic, anti-static container that sits inside the foam. I have to say, these sticks are pretty heavy and definitely ooze quality. Can you tell I'm impressed? Let's take a closer look.
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