Corsair Flash Voyager 1GB 2

Corsair Flash Voyager 1GB

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We compared the FlashVoyager to the following USB devices:
  • OCZ Rally 1GB
  • Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 512 MB
  • Thermaltake MUSE external HDD enclosure
  • Generic Stick USB 1.1 256 MB
We used HDTach in the following two benchmarks.

The FlashVoyager shows very respectable read bandwidth scores. Only the OCZ Rally is faster. The Thermaltake MUSE is an external 3.5" HDD case which uses a real hard drive.

The huge access time of the Corsair stick seems very high for flash. I would assume that the controller chip on the chip is an older slower model. However, during daily usage the access time will not matter so much, except when you transport a lot of small files and copy all of them regularly.

To get a feeling how the speed with different sized files is, we used the ATTO disk benchmark.

As you can see the write performance of the drive is less than the reading speed, but still very good. As the benchmarks show, the stick will work fastest when using files of 64KB or bigger.
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