Corsair Force GS 240 GB 9

Corsair Force GS 240 GB

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Corsair's package has a little window on the back side, so you can inspect the drive's part number and serial number, among other things.

You will receive:
  • The SSD
  • Screw packages
  • 2.5" to 3.5" adapter
  • Warranty documentation for Australian customers

The Drive

The drive conforms to the dimensions set forth by the 2.5" form factor. It is made from metal, which improves its durability. The red/orange surface has a rough texture to it, which adds to the overall look and feel.

Like most recent SSDs, Corsair's Force GS uses the SATA 6 Gbps interface. It is compatible with any other SATA standard, but will work at reduced performance in such a case.

The PCB of the Force GS is shorter than those of other SSDs we've seen. Corsair has placed 16 flash chips and the SSD controller on it.

As controller, the very popular SandForce SF-2281 is used.

The 16 flash chips are branded SanDisk but are made by the company Flash Forward, a joint venture between SanDisk and Toshiba. The chips are produced using a 24-nm production process, with each chip having a capacity of 16 GB.
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