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Corsair GS800 V2 800 W Review

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The box's front real estate takes over a close-up photo of the PSU's fan with the blue LED in action. As you can see the model description remains the same, GS800, most likely because Corsair wanted to keep this upgrade distinct.

On the top side of the box we find a brief feature description, the corresponding badges for the three year warranty and the 80 PLUS and ErP compliances and finally there are three photos showing the different LED colors of the fan.

As it is used, on the rear side of the box we find useful info about the PSU and its characteristics. In this case Corsair lists the available connectors, provides information about the most crucial features of the unit and there are also two graphs illustrating the PSU's efficiency and output noise. Finally the power specifications table is given here along with three photos, which also exist on the box's top side, showing the different LED lighting of the fan.


Once we removed the outer sleeving we found a plain cardboard box with Corsair's logo on it. The PSU is protected by an environment-friendly packaging (recycled cardboard), however it is wrapped in a not so eco-friendly plastic bag. The bundle includes an AC power cord, the user's manual, a warranty guide, a set of fixing bolts and several zip ties. The USB flash drive seen in the last of the photos above accompanies only the review samples and stores the Chroma report for the specific unit.


The PSU sports a nice external look which makes it stand out of the crowd and the special designed fan grill with the blue accent ring (which can be swapped with a different colored one if you purchase the color accessory pack) surely plays a big part in this. On the front besides the AC receptacle and the On/Off switch we find a smaller one which toggles between the three available LED colors. Using the same switch you can also turn off the lighting and run the PSU in stealth mode, as Corsair states. On the rear side the spaghetti-mound of cables looks rather intimidating, especially to users that are used to modular PSUs. Nevertheless all cables are fully sleeved back into the housing however around the cable exit hole there is no grommet to protect against the edges.
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