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As with most cases these days, the Corsair Graphite 230T ships in a brown cardboard package with an image of the enclosure and its name on the front. Turning things over reveals a blow-up diagram for a view of the interior and the Graphite 230T's major parts. Below it are several paragraphs and a list of features. Both sides are identical, with more information and images. Corsair has slapped a sticker on one side to let you know which color variant of the chassis is inside the cardboard box.

Two Stryrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place, but Corsair has also placed two pieces of Styrofoam onto the front of the chassis. These spacers don't fit the chassis perfectly, which may be due to the fact that we received one of the first samples to ship out of the factory.


All the necessary screws have been put into separate bags. The screws are black to go with the interior of the case. Some cable ties and a basic manual round things up.
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