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A Closer Look

The Corsair Hydro Series H110 is like all Hydro Series coolers to date: a pre-filled and sealed all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. It uses propylene glycol and distilled water to efficiently dissipate heat away from the CPU. When it comes to installing this unit, users should make sure their case has room for the 280 mm radiator that uses 20 mm spacing instead of the 15 mm on more typical 240 mm radiators. I simply cannot stress that enough, since you need to modify the case or get a different case to accommodate the Hydro Series H110 if it doesn't fit. The radiator Corsair has used on the H110 has 20 fins per inch / 2.54 cm. This is, of course, the same fin spacing as on previous Corsair Hydro Series products, like the H100 and H90.

The pump on the Hydro Series H110 is rather plain, with the tubing securely attached to the pump. It's a solid design, but you won't find any bells and whistles here. This means that, much like the H90, the H110 does not have a fan-speed controller built in, nor does it have Corsair Link support. Both these features are sorely missed as they really do set the H80i and H100i apart from other liquid coolers on the market.

The cold plate Corsair has used in the Hydro Series H110 is the same as that used in the H90. It is made of copper. Thermal paste has of course been pre-applied, which is fine for most users. Those wishing to use their own paste will find the pre-applied paste easy to clean off. Once done, a nearly flat base is revealed that, while lacking a mirror finish, is far from being rough.

Finally, the fans Corsair has provided are 140 mm x 140 mm x 25 mm and spin at 1500 RPM. These fans should help lower noise levels while still offering good cooling performance. The wires on the fans, while not sleeved, are flat and black. I would have liked to see properly sleeved cables, but the flat, black wires should still blend in well with most color schemes.
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