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The package of the Obsidian 800D is huge, as the chassis itself is one of the largest we have had the pleasure to review. On the front is an image of the case along with some features, while the rear goes into detail and gives you some insight on the layout of the enclosure.

Looking at the sides, one holds the specifications along with a few more angled shots, while the other is filled with the exact same text as the front of the box.

Our sample was shipped across half the planet and the Styrofoam spacers have sustained some damage, but the case remained unharmed. So one can say that the protection for the Obsidian 800D is adequate and you will not have to worry about it arriving with dents or scratches.


Corsair is going for the all black look, so even the box of contents - which does hold a few surprises - are all black. You will get all the necessary screws, along with rails for the bottom two hard drive bays. An anti-vibration frame for a single 120 mm fan is included, which seems a bit out of place, as the case can take more than one such cooling unit. The zip ties are a nice addition, but the kicker is the included four connector SATA power strand in combination with the four black SATA cables. We have seen the latter included in cases with hot swappable drive bays before, but the SATA power cable is an excellent little addition. A simple, but effective manual should help you, if you happen to get stuck during assembly.
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