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Corsair RM Series 650 W Review

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The box holding the RM650 is much smaller than that of the RM750 and RM850 units, but it features the same design. We find a closeup of the unit's nice fan grill and the model number in large, white and yellow font on the front. Four badges above the model number denote its 80 Plus Gold efficiency, fully modular design, semi-passive mode, and five year warranty.

Only the model number is depicted on this side, along with the "ultra-quiet PSU" description which is 100% true.

This side holds a graphical list of all available connectors, along with useful information about cable length.

Corsair stuffed the most interesting information, including two graphs for the unit's efficiency and the fan's output noise throughout its load range, on the rear. You will also find the power specifications table and several multilingual paragraphs providing a brief description of the unit's most crucial features here.


As per usual for a Corsair PSU, the package comes with a sleeve. It hides a sturdy cardboard box with Corsair's logo on it. Corsair also opted for more ECO friendly packaging material instead of packing foam this time around. Protecting all parts within well, it is still not as good as packing foam, and the PSU is wrapped in a plastic bag.

The bundle includes the necessary modular cables, a set of fixing bolts, three leaflets, including the user's manual, some zip ties, a case badge, and the AC power cord.


You will find a notification explaining that it is normal for the fan not to spin at low loads on the PSU's rear. Corsair should, in our opinion, add a way to test the fan; it would have users figure out whether the fan is working properly or not. Such a test mode could be engaged via a button or simply during the PSU start-up phase, by having the fan rotate for a couple seconds. User's could then easily verify whether the fan works properly or not.

The unit's finish is quite good, although too glossy for our taste. The sides have large and plain decals which depict the PSU's model number, while the on/off switch and the classic honeycomb-style exhaust grill is on top. The rear's fully modular panel includes enough connectors for the unit's capacity, while the Corsair Link socket is located in the top-left corner. The nicely designed fan grill enhances this PSU's overall look.

The unit's dimensions are normal, so you won't have any compatibility issues with contemporary ATX cases.

All cables are stealth and ribboned, which will thrill most users, especially those with windowed cases.

The quality of all cables is high enough given the price of this PSU. Hardcore modders would naturally prefer individually sleeved cables, but they will also likely create their own, so there is no need to pay a huge amount for pre-sleeved ones.
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