Corsair TX750M 750 W 8

Corsair TX750M 750 W

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The front of the box is covered by a close up shot of the new fan grill design that the TX M series PSUs utilize. We saw it for the first time in the Corsair HX1050W and we liked it very much. For now it seems that Corsair will use this design on all of their new PSUs. As expected, on the rear side of the box we find much more useful information regarding the cables/connectors of the unit, efficiency and noise curves, power specifications etc. On the bottom and top sides we find less useful information so you can safely skip them.


Once we removed the outer sleeve we found the cardboard box that actually stores the PSU. Inside, the unit is well protected by two thick layers of packing foam. In addition it comes in a cloth bag, a luxury touch that usually we don't see with PSUs of this price category. The bundle was quite rich since we found two bags with zip ties and Corsair badges (normally you will find only one), a user's manual, an AC power cord and of course the modular cables. Finally the USB flash drive shown in one of the above photos is not included in the bundle and it's intended only for reviewers since it contains the TX750M ATE test report. Also in the official contents list there is no reference to any USB flash drive.


The PSU features a high quality dark grey matte finish. We also fancy the new fan grill design, which may look similar to Be Quiet's design at first glance, but ends up being completely different with a closer look. On the front side, next to the AC receptacle, there is a small On/Off switch while on the rear we find only four modular sockets and many hardwired cables. We would like to see more modular sockets and less native cables but as it seems Corsair had a different point of view.
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