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Corsair TX750 V2 750 W Review

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The PSU comes in a yellowish packaging. In the rear of the box we have a brief description of the highlights of the PSU in five languages (English, France, German, Spanish, Italian). Also we are informed about the output noise, efficiency, power specifications and finally the power connectors that the PSU has.


Once we opened the box we found out that the contents are well protected by two thick layers of packaging foam. Also the PSU is inside a cloth bag, a luxury touch that personally I greatly appreciate.

Now besides the PSU in the packaging you will find several zip ties, a big re-usable cable tie, a Corsair badge, a set of screws, the user's manual, which is common for the three PSUs of the series and of course the AC power cord.


The PSU looks very well constructed and the finish/paint job is quite good. Also all cables are fully sleeved with the sleeving going all the way back into the housing. Of course there is the classic warranty sticker, covering one of the screws that holds the top case in its place. Needless to say that this sticker will be removed in the next page.
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