Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz CL9 12 GB DDR3 11

Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz CL9 12 GB DDR3 Review

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A Closer Look

I was a bit surprised as to how lightweight these modules are. Considering the very tall size, I expected heavy units due to the aluminum used in the heat spreaders. Turns out these are very thin, but folded in a way to make them look as if they are solid slabs. That said, the Vengeance kit looks pretty sweet in my humble opinion.

Both sides of these sticks look identical. The aluminum heat spreader is gun metal grey and three separate stickers make up the Vengeance logo across the metal piece on one side, while the white sticker, which was visible from the outside, has been placed on the other side.

Another sticker with the Corsair logo has been placed near the top edge of the heatspreader and acts as a type of seal, which would probably break if you try to take a module apart. I have no idea if this was intended by Corsair. Taking a closer look at the white sticker on each memory module, it holds all the necessary information to set everything up properly: Speed, latency, and voltage - all there.

When looking at the profile of the Vengeance module, it becomes clear how Corsair has achieved the overall look. The tips and edges are bent inward, and two identical pieces are placed next to each other. Very strong thermal tape holds the pair in place on the memory kit, but if you look closely, the left heat spreader does not make full contact with the IC. Nonetheless, I was not able to pry them apart.

There are two labels on the PCB itself. One hints at Brainpower as a manufacturer of the PCB, while there is a tiny little 6 on the other edge.
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