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Cougar Revenger S Review

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The Revenger S comes in pretty standard packaging with Cougar's signature gray-orange color scheme. The box has some render pictures of the mouse and its technical specifications in twelve different languages. The front can be opened, which means you can check on the mouse through a transparent plastic cover. The contents are a brochure, an installation guide, four stickers, and an extra set of mouse feet in a box, which is a very nice and thoughtful addition I wish more companies would also include.


At first glance, the Revenger S doesn't look like an ordinary mouse. There is a cut-out in the front for two pointy front ledges. Also, the cable doesn't come out the middle, but on the left. My initial concerns that this would cause balancing issues disappeared the second I started gaming with the Revenger S. The shape is not as well-defined as one would expect it to be for an ergonomic mouse, however. It almost feels like an ambidextrous mouse while claw-gripped, except for the pinky sitting in a position that is a bit wider. While palm-gripping, the ergonomics turn out to be more perceptible. I subjectively do like this shape because it is not as aggressive on finger positioning as most other ergonomic mice out there. The main buttons don't seem to have any comfort grooves.

The Revenger S is 130 mm (5.12") long at its longest part, but that includes the cable's end and even some of the cable itself. Its actual length sits at about 125 mm (4.92"), which still isn't short at all. The width is 65 mm (2.56") at the widest part, but the actual width for you to grip sits at 58–60 mm (2.36"). This mouse is 43 mm (1.69") tall, and the hump is a little bit towards the back, but still pretty much centered.


Here are some shape/size comparisons with other mice:

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