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The earphones were tested on my normal portable rig which consists of a Cowon D2 hooked up to a Ray Samuels Audio Tomahawk earphone amplifier. These particular earphones are not the most expensive on the market, at only $100 they are aimed at the normal consumer looking for great sound quality on the move, who does not want to spend boatloads of cash on a near perfect portable rig. One of the things you notice straight away with the C750Es is the fact that you can achieve a quite comfortable fit, due to the well designed tips and exterior part of the shell. The shell does not look that ergonomic, but it actually steers clear of the exterior part of your ear nicely (assuming you have normal shaped ears).

The bass is relatively rich, but not able to match the definition the Klipsch X10s or 5s for that matter. It is a wee bit less refined and snappy, but I would still describe their bass performance as very good due to their relatively low price. If you are looking for a midpriced solution that has a good bass response then the C750Es should definitely be on your short-list. They do not come close to match the thrilling bass performance of earphones such as the Westone 3s or Sennheiser IE6-7-8s. If you compare them to a set of in-ears like the Head-Direct RE2s which are a fair bit cheaper these output more bass, but lack a fair bit of low end definition. The midrange is a bit on the warm side which is nice.
Overall I would probably describe the sound of the C750Es as musical and slightly midcentric although not nearly as much as the RE2s. The real let down with the Cresyn C750Es are the highs, here they just completely fall apart. Coming from the reasonably well defined and rich sound midrange to a fatiguing high end. The upper midrange is not unaffected and is quite sibilant which is a shame because from the bottom up the C750Es where shaping up to be a nice set of musical in-ears. For the price this flaw is acceptable, but I would perhaps be hesitant to lay down the cash for them if I were the type that goes nuclear after 5 minutes of listening to a harsh mastered recording.

Sound stage wise these in-ears are pretty normal, no better or worse than any other balanced armature midrange in-ears I have heard. The earphones do handle microphonic noise very well both because of the shirt clip, but also because of the cable that is a bit softer than what is used on for instance Head-Direct products. Noise attenuation wise these are right up there with all the other fully closed solutions yielding about -26 dB attenuation, which is enough to dampen public transit noise and plane engines sufficiently to get a good listening experience on the move.
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