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Crucial Ballistix Finned DDR3 1866 MHz CL9 4 GB Review

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A Closer Look

Crucial has employed thick aluminum heatspreaders this time around. While they still sell their normal height memory, these have fins extending well beyond the PCB itself, so you have to make sure that you have the clearance next to your CPU cooler.

Unlike most modules, the Ballistix kits have two different shaped heatspreaders. On one side you have a yellow, high-quality sticker running across the entire length of the module, while the other side lacks such a branding method. Instead you will only find a white sticker on there.

The aluminum heatspreaders are locked into each other, giving the kit additional strength and adding to the overall quality. They are held in place by very strong frag tape. I was not able to pull them apart as the force required could easily damage the PCB or electical components.

While Crucial has redesigned the look of the new high-end Ballistix kits, the actual logo has remained the same, so that users will know right away what memory this is. On top of that, there is the afore mentioned white sticker on the other side. It does disturb the overall look a bit in my humble opinion and it does not actually hold any interesting information at all. My guess, these are required by Crucial for tracking these modules in general.

Instead of placing a classic sticker on the kit with the specifications, Crucial has actually printed them unto the heatspreader. Yes, that means that these heatspreaders are "married" to the memory and yes, this approach is refreshingly cool. You will also find some printing on the black PCB, but it does not give away anything about the actual source of the circuit board itself.
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