Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR PC4000 3

Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR PC4000 Review

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Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000
CPU Clock &
Memory Ratio
Quake 3
Mod 1M
JEDEC DDR400A200 MHz2.5-3-3-8 2.7V5808 MB/s2226 MB/s51.8 ns262.1 FPS2334042.28s
10 x 210 1:1210 MHz2-3-3-8 2.7V6041 MB/s2481 MB/s47.6 ns276.5 FPS2461240.33s
10 x 230 1:1230 MHz2.5-2-2-5 2.7V6656 MB/s2737 MB/s43.0 ns304.3 FPS2653136.31s
10 x 250 1:1
default specs
250 MHz3.0-4-4-8 2.7V6861 MB/s2842 MB/s45.8 ns320.0 FPS2716334.75s
10 x 250 1:1250 MHz2.5-2-2-5 2.8V7112 MB/s2940 MB/s39.8 ns330.7 FPS2844233.45s
10 x 260 1:1260 MHz2.5-2-2-5 2.9V7436 MB/s3057 MB/s38.9 ns343.2 FPS2926032.14s
10 x 266 1:1266 MHz2.5-2-2-5 3.09V7700 MB/s3154 MB/s37.8 ns350.4 FPS3009331.438s
10 x 270 1:1270 MHz2.5-3-3-5 2.8V7533 MB/s3194 MB/s38.5 ns351.5 FPS2942731.36s

Very good results, but a motherboard with Vdimm up to 3.1V is required to see the sweet spot of these modules.
Reduced latencies give you a nice gain in overclocking, but not that much, it's better to run these modules with the tightest timings you can get. This shows that this memory is designed for low latencies. Faster than DDR500 with tight timings is very fast compared to 3.0-4-4-8, which is the default specification.


For easier comparison with other modules, we set a maximum voltage of 3.1V and tested until we found the highest clock frequency and fastest timings for this memory. The Benchmarks Everest Read, Everest Write and Quake 3 were run. We then calculated the performance increase in percent compared to some standard DDR400 memory running at JEDEC DDR400A (2.5-3-3-8). The average percentage of the three benchmarks is listed in following table:


  • Two 512 MB modules are sold for $170 to $200, which is very good for this performance.
  • Nice unique LEDs
  • Very good performance
  • Nice design, beautiful heatspreaders
  • Great overclockability
  • Need a motherboard with Vdimm up to 3.1V to show their best.
The Crucial Ballistix Tracer are really great performance memory modules. Great latencies at speeds of over DDR500, where other memory barely run 2.5-3-3-7, together with a great price, help the memory get our Editor's Choice Award. The only drawback is that you need a motherboard which can supply a high memory voltage, which not all boards offer. But there are voltmods for most of them.
Editor's Choice
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