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Cubitek Magic Cube AIO Review

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Unlike most case packages out there, the Magic Cube AIO chassis has a full-color box. You will only find the company logo at the front, with details of the enclosure itself. Two carrying holes along with the specs can be found on the side of the black package.

Cubitek has chosen to use eight small Styrofoam corner pieces to hold the chassis in place. This is highly unusual, but seems to get the job done just fine. Using actual spacers would have the added benefit of acting as a reinforcement for the cardboard package, while protecting the chassis further.


The package contains a number of all-black sorted screws with silver spacers for the motherboard. Interestingly enough, Cubitek does not include any tools like zip ties to reduce cable clutter. A manual is also included, with enough details to aid first-time builders.
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