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Cubitek XL-Tank Preview Review

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There are not a lot of Aluminum case manufacturers out there, so it is always interesting to see a new one enter the scene. Cubitek has just announced their first steel case - the Tattoo series. This case combines a few interesting features, but that is not what we would like to show you. Cubitek is also working hard on bringing out a full range of Aluminum enclosures ranging from ITX to eATX cases. One of these cases from the Tank series is called the XL-Tank. This is unit slightly larger than the mid tower. This is the first time this case has been shown to the public and as this is a preview, not a review we will only focus on the look and functionality of the chassis.

The XL-Tank is by no means ready for prime time yet, so we cannot judge the overall quality and feature set for now. Thus, this article will not conclude with a score like a normal review.


As the retail package is not yet ready (I received the chassis in a plain, brown cardboard box), let us start us with the contents. As you can see above, there are a boat load of different screws, all separately bagged. Two metal handles for the side panels are also part of the extras. Cubitek also includes extension cables for the fans, a USB adapter cable to connect the two USB 3.0 enclosures to the USB 2.0 header on your mainboard. I also had a little sheet with foam spacers, but I cannot tell you what these are for.
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