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Cyber Snipa Intelliscope Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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A Closer Look

The shape of the Intelliscope is symmetrical. This means, it can be used by right handed gamers as well as left handed players. The software actually has a function to set the mouse up right instantly. There is a large crosshair at the back of the mouse. The main buttons are part of the back cover, which is kept in a matte black. The left side of the Intelliscope features two buttons, which are used to navigate back and forth in Windows. The left side features a long, very slim button, which simply brings you to the end of a page by default. This function does not seem to be of much use, but can be changed with the included software. On top you will find the usual left and right buttons, as well as the scroll wheel, which acts as the middle mouse button if pressed. Below this, there is a round button with an "i" on it. This switches the DPI settings between 1000 and 2400 DPI.

While it may not seem so at first look, the mouse has 12 embedded LEDs as well as two additional ones under the scroll wheel. Half of these are blue and light up when the mouse is set at 2400 DPI while the red ones are active when you are using 1000 DPI.

Placing the mouse on a mouse pad, you may notice how strong the blue light is. Naturally it is brighter than red light, but I did not even need to turn off or dim the surrounding lights to take the above pictures. The Intelliscope has by far the brightest LEDs I have seen in any such device and will certainly draw a lot of attention at dark LAN parties.

The overall size of the Intelliscope is well balanced. Neither too large nor too wide for smaller hands, while just long enough to accomodate most gamers. The bottom of the mouse features six skid pads. Four of these are in form of circles with a 5-6 mm diameter, while two are in a very long shape on the side of the mouse. It would have been better to use a bit larger ones on top and bottom.
There is a safety sticker on the laser unit as well. The Saitek GM3200 is the only other mouse, which has a protecting sticker on the bottom and it looks exacly the same as well. This may just be two different manufacturers using the same sticker, or both mice being produced at the same location.
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