DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D 2

DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D Review

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The motherboard comes in the typical DFI LanParty anime style package.

On the backside there is a picture of the board with the usual product information.

When you open the package, you find the accessories in two "sections" of the package. This helps keep it a bit cleaner.

Under the cables and manuals you find the motherboard safely wrapped into an anti-static bag.


You will receive:
  • Motherboard
  • Users Manual, DIY Installation Guide, Addendum
  • 2x IDE Cable, 1x Floppy Cable, 2x SATA Cable, 1x SATA Power Adapter
  • IO Shield
  • Driver CD, SATA Driver Floppy
  • Two bags with jumpers
  • Jumper Puller
  • Karajan 8 channel audio module
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