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Danger Den Tyee GPU Waterblock Review

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The Tyee came in the standard Danger Den package, except I noticed it did not have a label sticker on it. I don’t consider the looks of the packaging a primary concern, but I do believe the package should do it’s job to protect the contents during shipping, and in this case it does. Upon opening the box I saw all the required parts for installation on top of the packing foam, where it can be kept away from the block to prevent damage during shipping. Under the top layer of foam is the Tyee and a small syringe of thermal paste that looks remarkably similar to Arctic Silver Ceramique.

All the extra hardware for the Tyee is included in separate bags. Included with the Tyee is a stainless steel backing plate, a neoprene pad, several button head screws, washers and o-rings for the installation. This is a very complicated setup, so there are a lot more parts than what would come with a standard GPU waterblock. Also included with the block is an installation diagram, which shows the assembly in exploded view. Although everything is shown in the instructions, it does assume a bit of knowledge on the part of the end user. One thing I would like to point out here is how much I love the finish on the steel backplate. It has been polished to a mirror shine, which will surely add some style to your system.

One of the optional accessories I received with the Tyee was the heat bridge for the voltage regulators. Although the Tyee is compatible with the standard v-reg heatsink used in the ATI reference design, the heat bridge can be added to provide watercooling to the voltage regulators. With this option you will receive the heat bridge, four button head screws, a hex-head wrench, a thermal pad, and a separate instruction sheet. The v-reg instructions are basically the same as what is already included on the instructions for the Tyee itself, but it is nice to see Danger Den include it here for those that decide to add it to their Tyee after the initial installation of the block.

Danger Den also sent me the heat bridge for the master encoder chip. This block is needed on the Crossfire Edition cards when using two ATI cards and two Tyees. This option includes the heat bridge, two button head screws, another hex-head wrench, and a thermal pad. No instructions are included with this option, but the main instructions for the Tyee cover is, as well as it being very similar to the v-reg bridge.

Here you can see the complete package with all the hardware and the optional bridges.
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