DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan Review 20

DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan Review

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Packaging and Accessories

DarkSide is hand-in-hand with the retailer brand DazMode, so I am going to mention retailer shipping here as well given it was sent by them. The fans arrived in a large box with plenty of packing peanuts inside, well past the 1" on all sides that is recommended as the minimum. Good start here!

I received multiple samples of the fan at my request, so I could test multiple fans and better account for any sample-to-sample variations. We see that the fan packaging itself is very plain with just a cardboard box that has a printed design on it illustrating the fan inside and no cover as most other products have. Indeed, this is to save on costs, and DazMode says these savings are passed on to the customer. I personally prefer this approach as long as the packaging suffices for shipping and handling issues, and unfortunately, this is where it falls short. There is nothing but the thin cardboard layer separating the fan inside from potential issues, and it thus relies on retailer packaging to ensure it arrives in one piece. So if you get it from DazMode directly, it should be fine, as seen above, but do keep it in mind. There are no accessories that come with the fan, and it is assumed the fan is purchased with the sole intention of using it as a radiator fan with the radiator screws. If you wish to use these as case fans, you will have to get your own set of self-tapping screws at the very least.
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