Datamancer Diviner Keyboard 22

Datamancer Diviner Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Datamancer operates a web shop, and given the nature of the company as well as these small-production-scale units, I was not expecting dedicated keyboard packaging here. The Diviner arrived in a big cardboard box with several bubble wrap sheets shaped to surround the keyboard in all directions to where even a big drop from the delivery service truck would not hurt the product itself. No such thing as overkill in product packaging in my opinion, so I am all for it!

Also in the box was a quick start guide that describes how to use the dip switches for functionality, as well as all secondary functions associated with the function key. This is quite familiar to me because of having dealt with another keyboard from another company, and we will get back to this soon. The keyboard itself comes in a bubble wrap envelope, if I say so myself, with only the keyboard cable poking out. The keyboard is what you are paying for here, and you get nothing else.
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