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It would appear Diamond skipped the box bling in this edition with a plain white box and text. I was a little confused myself until the SB in SB Edition was explained to me, meaning System Builder. It was sent to me for the review before Diamond had received their printed boxes with all the graphics. Even though it's boxed in the SB Edition it still contains the same contents as a full retail Diamond Viper X1900XT. The Diamond Viper X1900XT is wrapped in a couple layers of foam and is well protected for its journey to its new owner.

The Diamond Viper X1900XT comes with a Quick Install Guide, ATI CATALYST, Diamond Tools, DVD Playback, with no bundled games. Also included are a combination of cables which includes Component-out cable adapter, 9-pin S-Video/composite VIVO, 6-inch S-Video cable, 6-inch composite cable, 2 x DVI-to-VGA adapter.

The Quick Install Guide includes a number of applications from Windows Updates to Diamond Tools, Diamonds own overclocking tool and a small Helpdesk with known issues documented. Everything you need to get your system up and running out of the box.

Package Includes:
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Software: ATI CATALYST, Diamond Tools, DVD Playback
  • Component-out cable adapter
  • 9-pin S-Video/composite VIVO
  • 6-inch S-Video cable
  • 6-inch composite cable
  • 2 x DVI-to-VGA adapter
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