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Diamond Viper X800GTO Review

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Packaging & Contents

Here we see Diamond's familiar packaging and classic design. I have to admit the artwork and images that are displayed on Diamond's packaging and most others are rather cool, hats off to those who do the artwork and it would be a rather cool job. Now we know you shouldn't make a purchase based on packaging, but it is made to catch your eye. The contents are packed well.

The bundle in this package is much more complete in terms of cables than the last Diamond review.

Package Includes:
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Install CD : ATI CATALYST Drivers
  • Software : Diamond Tools, DVD Playback
  • Games : 3DMark'03
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • RCA Composite Video Adapter
  • HDTV Composite Adapter
  • S-Video Cable
  • RCA Composite Video Cable

We see the install CD which includes documentation, added software and Windows updates in the form of SP2 for XP, along with .NET Framework.
Included in the Windows updates was DirectX 9.0c.
The CD also contained Bonus Software:
  • Acrobat Reader
  • 3DMark03
  • Final Reality
  • VulpineGL
  • VulpineGL Patch
  • Free DVD codec
  • DS Player
  • Maximus DVD

The driver CD is the same as what we saw in our previous review of the X550 . This time however Diamond does bundle a game with the X800GTO and adds Deus Ex: Invisible War which is decent game for those who are not familiar with it. The graphics are fair but once you get use to the controls the game can be fun. Screenshots courtesy of TPUCapture Screenshot Utility

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