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DimasTech Bench Table Easy V2 Review

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I would like to thank DimasTech for supplying the review sample.

DimasTech is an italian company, specializing in overclocking products for enthusiasts. These include everything from bench tables to water cooling parts, phase change units as well as custom cases for phase change units. Their website is available in English or Italian. Here is what they have to say about themselves:
DimasTech is a new production & commerce reality that focuses his attention on advanced and extreme personal computer cooling systems

Our production is based on the most advanced construction & efficient professional refrigeration technologies in order to achieve the highest performances possible.

Famous among the extreme (and non-extreme) overclock community, DimasTech, produces solutions that will guarantee the perfect cooling you need, either you are in idle or full-load mode and to ensure maximum power efficency in those fields that require more calculating power.

Each product is released upon specific customer profile and needs till the maximum customization possibile, with total customer satisfaction.
We will be taking a look at one of their benchtables today - called "Bench Table Easy V2 Fully Accessorized". The table is available in different bundles. We got the full version with all the small extras available. The price difference between the basic table and the complete bundle is only 20€. These tables are available in a whole slew of colors to fit your needs. We chose plain white, as we will be using the bench table for future memory reviews as well.
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