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DimasTech Bench Table V2.5 Review

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Dimastech ships the new Benchtables V2.5 in a similar sized package as the V2. The first new addition is the large company logo on the box along with a little written note about what color and type of Benchtable is inside. I was rather frustrated with the form of packaging on the previous table and Dimastech has taken it upon themselves to improve in that area as well. Gone is the load of Styrofoam pebbles, replaced by carefully cut Styrofoam parts. This is a huge step in the right direction and reduces clutter as well as eliminating the charged particles clinging to the benchtable. It only leaves you with a few large blocks of the stuff - very manageable. I would go as far as to say that the interior block, holding all the small pieces of the table is an excellent idea. Now if they could switch from Styrofoam to actual foam, I am sold. Another issue I had - which is still present - are the badly sealed bags of screws. I received two benchtables and I had to go fishing for screws in both packages, as the bags have burst open during transit. It should be mentioned, that there are a lot of screws included.


There seems to be a large bag of screws, with a seal in-between, to form two compartments. This is the weak point of this contraption prone to ripping open during transit. The amount you get are more than enough and you will be left with plenty of thumb screws to use for other projects, unless you fill the Benchtable completely.

With the new tables come new optional accessories. This means that the following parts are available to buy separately. There is a flexible fan mount - called FlexFan120 - which you may use to direct a fan anywhere around the table, to cool specific parts. The second is the addition of a USB 2.0 plug which can be mounted directly on the frame of the Benchtable and routed to one of the internal ports on the mainboard. It looks exactly like one of those found on the mainboard brackets. Depending what this port goes for, you may be better off digging through your hardware stash and using one supplied with a board instead. That said, an eSATA port has the exact same dimension as far as the mounting screws are concerned, so you can go ahead and use such a part as well.
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