ECS A75F-A AMD FM1 Review

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AMD A75 Chipset

With the closing of the second quarter of 2011, AMD launched their latest platform based on Fusion technology, which brings high performance GPU capabilities and CPU functionality together in the same socket, for modest cost. Featuring AMD's first sampling of 32 nm technology from Global Foundries, the new APUs from AMD mate with the AMD A75 chipset, which not only features built-in SATA 6 Gb/s drive connectivity, but also USB 3.0, simplifying board design for manufacturers, while allowing greater functionality for the end user.

Toeing up the power consumption at a limit of 100W, the new AMD APUs offer fantastic video performance not seen anywhere else, with a Radeon 6550D GPU nestled right next to a full quad core CPU in the A8 APU models. For those needing a bit more performance, but still focused on budget performance, the addition of specific affordable discrete GPUs, matched in performance to the APU's onboard Radeon cores along with CrossFire functionality, brings the complete platform to incredible performance levels for little cost, setting the stage for the next era of office desktop functionality, while offering enough grunt for a little bit of gaming entertainment, too.

ECS, for many, has had long standing as a budget alternative that brings all necessary features, with a twist all of their own. The latest incarnation of boards from the "Black Series" has been well received, and again, ECS puts their own spin this time on AMD's A75 chipset, with the ECS A75F-A:
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