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ECS LIVA Z2 Mini-PC Review

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Packaging and Contents

The LIVA Z2 comes in a small sleeved green box that is roughly 27.9 cm long, 22.0 cm wide, and 7.5 cm thick. The top shows off the system and and product names along with a few logos. Meanwhile, the bottom is completely black with the LIVA brand name and nothing else. There really isn't much to see on the packaging.

The left side gives a very quick and brief list of the system's specifications alongside the UPC label. Turning the box around, the right side, much like the bottom, just has the LIVA series name and nothing else. With so much unused space, I feel a bit more information could have been presented here. The four used panels are sparse at best, while the other two sides are of the green box and contain no information whatsoever. A general list of features would definitely be helpful here.

Opening the box shows the ECS LIVA Z2 sealed in plastic inside. No foam or other extra forms of protection aside from the box it comes in is visible. The accessories, power cord, etc., are placed in separate cardboard partitions.

The bundle is very much bare bones, but does include everything necessary to power up the system and mount it to the back of a TV. Unlike the previously reviewed LIVA Z units I have covered, this one does not include a driver disc, which makes sense considering it lacks an optical disc drive. Less waste in this regard is always a good thing. However, to replace the the driver disc, a small USB thumb drive with the drivers would have been nice.
  • LIVA Z2
  • Power brick
  • VESA mounting plate
  • VESA screws
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