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ECS RS400-A Review

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The motherboard packaging uses black and blue as dominant colors, it is a standard size box.

On the backside you get a quick glance at the available features.

Inside the package you will find the included accessories on top.

Under that is the motherboard in an anti-static bag.


You will receive:
  • Motherboard
  • Users Manual, Quick Installation Guide, CPU Installation Guide
  • 1x IDE Cable, 1x Floppy Cable, 4x SATA Cable, 1x Dual-SATA Power Adapter
  • IO Shield
  • Driver CD, SATA Driver Floppy Disks
  • Front Panel USB Port
The included cables are pretty much standard, but nothing essential is missing. Four SATA cables are nice. One IDE cable should do for most people, people who still use more than two IDE drives will most likely have the cables, anyway.
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