ECS Golden Board Z77H2-AX LGA 1155 26

ECS Golden Board Z77H2-AX LGA 1155 Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The ECS Golden Board Z77H2-AX is available now in very limited numbers, with an MRSP of $319.99.
  • Packed with added features and options not seen on some other products in the same price range.
  • Clean and simple, yet glaringly overstated GOLD color-themed layout.
  • Fully functional AMI UEFI BIOS, including mouse support and support for 3 TB+ drives.
  • VRM and PCH cooling really more than needed, great for long term 24/7 clocking.
  • Overclocks really well, with excellent memory support.
  • Includes add-on Bluetooth/WiFi.
  • Added PLX PEX8487 provides Intel X79 Express-like PCIe connectivity, even with SandyBridge-based CPUs.
  • BIOS voltage monitoring not accurate
  • BIOS overclocking options for CPU not fully available.
  • High relative price and limited availability
  • Steep overclocking learning curve, only for the advanced overclocking user.
  • SATA 3 Gb/s performance low.
To the surprise of many, I really really like the ECS Golden Board Z77H2-AX. Its BIOS is broken, and overclocking isn't easy at all, but its extra capability, and relatively high performance that can hang out with the bigger boys is not something that can be ignored. ECS isn't traditionally a name people think of when it comes to high end products, and for a really expensive, limited edition option, they've done a damn fine job for a first venture.
This BIOS issue is a big thing to the average user, but I'm not the average user, so it's not something I consider really all that important, although it does affect the final score. The added PCIe connectivity is something personally that I require, and it meets my needs there; it overclocks with our test CPU just like any other product once you overclock using the right method, and runs cooler overall while consuming similar power. To be honest, I find it hard to believe that this product is coming from ECS, and after having spent some time talking to them about what's going on and how things are changing, I'm really excited to see how things progress from this point, because there is really nothing wrong here that cannot easily be fixed with just a single BIOS update. That's it. Its hardware is perfect, comparable to even Gigabyte in performance, and this is from ECS. A little bit of BIOS issues are expected from ECS, and because they were so easily overcome, I've really got to congratulate ECS on providing their best product ever.
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