Epic Gear Hybrid Pad Mouse mat 0

Epic Gear Hybrid Pad Mouse mat Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The Epic Gear Hybrid Pad S/M/L can be had for €9.90/14.90/17.90 respectively.
  • Consistent glide
  • Very finely textured surface
  • Large usable area
  • Well made
  • Good tracking with all types of sensors
  • Low height
  • Available in two sizes
  • Slides around while gaming
  • No bundle
Epic Gear have created a winner with the Hybrid Pad. The surface texture is very smooth and lends itself towards all medium to high sensitivity gamers that want a very smooth glide experience with zero feedback from the surface. Due to the softer than usual top-coating the mat also gives enough dampening when resetting the mouse on the surface. Its medium to low friction means that is good for many different gaming styles, the mat covers all the basics brilliantly.
The only downfall with this mat is its lower than average weight which means it will slide around a bit while gaming, this does of course depend on what desk surface you are using it on. Durability wise the mat leaves some to be desired. Even though the edge finish seems alright it will begin to tear over time, after one week of intense use signs of wear are already showing, while nothing horrible it is still something to consider.