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EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750G 750 W Review

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The box is huge and features a plain but appealing design. On the front, the model number is highlighted in a big font, while the series name is given in a much smaller font. We find the small 80 Plus Gold badge on the bottom, although the unit still hasn't been certified by Ecova. A handle on top makes its transportation much easier.

On this side, EVGA lists the reasons according to which they are the #1. Talk about modesty here!

We find lots of useful information about the product on the back of the box. In this case, EVGA provides a brief features description along with a list of all included cables/connectors. EVGA also includes a photo of the unit's internals, something experienced users appreciate because it gives them a peek at the internals which easily reveals a PSU's quality. Finally, the power specifications table can also be found on this side of the box.


The PSU is well protected inside the packaging and is, as you can see, stored inside a nice bag. Next to the PSU resides a box containing the rest of the bundle.

The unit's modular cables feature a quality sleeving and are, on top of that, stealth: all cables are black, which makes hiding them inside a chassis with a black interior much easier. The rest of the bundle includes the user's manual, an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts, and four adhesive rubber-pads. Using these pads will avoid scratching the PSU; that is, if you use the PSU outside of a chassis.


This PSU features the same handle as its 1500 W sibling. Some will like it, but most of you will probably hate it. Personally, we don't have a problem with it. On the contrary, we find it quite handy for moving the PSU around. The finish is of good quality with a texture coating that is scratch and fingerprint resilient. A decal on both sides has the PSU's power specification, its model number, and the 80 Plus Gold badge. We expected EVGA to use nicer decals with this unit. The fan grill on top looks really nice because of its design which avoids the usual pattern. In the rear is the modular panel with its high number of sockets. The red ones are for the PCIe cables, while two black 8-pin sockets next to them are for the EPS cables.
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