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EVGA SuperNOVA G2 1000 W Review

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The box is large and features a rather conservative design. The front has the series description in large fonts. The 80 Plus Gold badge is, on the other hand, very small, looking like EVGA meant to hide it.

One of the two sides lists some of the awards EVGA earned so far, with the most significant milestones they achieved. However, none of the milestones have anything to do with PSUs.

The box has a handle to make its transportation easier.

The rear of the box has a list of features and a description of all included cables. There is unfortunately no mention on their length. There are also three photos of the PSU. One of them shows the unit's internals with the APFC caps by Chemi-Con, and there is a specifications table with the 80 Plus Gold efficiency badge.


The contents of the box are neatly arranged and the PSU is well protected by two pieces of packing foam. it is also stored in a nice bag with EVGA's logo on it.

The bundle includes a bunch of modular cables, a pouch for their storage, a set of fixing bolts, several Velcro straps, the user's manual, and an AC power cord.


The unit is huge, and its construction looks of very high quality. The finish is nice and of a heavy matte, so it is scratch- and fingerprint resistant. The on/off switch is under the AC socket at the front, and one of the two sides has the power specifications label. The fan grill is actually carved into the chassis and looks cool! Also, the badge on its centerpiece looks great.

Fully modular PSUs are fun to take photos of since you don't have to worry about cables, and they look much nicer in front of the camera.

The sleeved cables equipping the PSU look good; however, their quality and appearance cannot be compared to the individually sleeved cables of the NEX1500, but the latter costs twice as much in part because of those cables.
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