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EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified 1500 W Review

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The unit comes in a huge box which is quite heavy. EVGA thankfully equipped it with a top handle to help you move it around easier. On the front, we find the model number description and, at the bottom, the capacity of the PSU along with the Gold efficiency badge.

On one of the two sides is a scheme illustrating available modular sockets, along with their enumeration. On the other side, EVGA claims that they are the best according to five reasons they list.

We find much more useful information about the product on the rear side of the box. Here, EVGA lists a brief features description, along with a description of all available cables/connectors. There are also a couple pictures showcasing the most interesting aspects of the PSU, the power specifications table, and a graph showing the efficiency of the unit.


Once we opened the box, a leaflet greeted us, providing significant information about the PSU. Under the leaflet are two large carton boxes that store the PSU and its accessories.

The PSU is in the smaller of the two boxes. The PSU is protected efficiently by packing foam and is wrapped in a cloth bag.

The larger box holds all cables, including the heavy duty AC power cord, the user's manual, and a pouch which is meant to store unused modular cables. EVGA also provides some adhesive rubber-pads for installation on the PSU in order to avoid scratching it if you intend to use it outside of a case (like most hard-core overclockers will do).

This folded piece of paper provides all necessary information a user must be have during the installation of the PSU. Besides optimal cabling configurations for multiple VGA systems, it analyzes the operation of the dip switches that the PSU features for manual control over its features.

The sleeving job on the modular cables is absolutely fantastic! These cables are a dream come true for all modders out there and will relief them of a time consuming task.

The PSU uses a heavy duty AC power cord with 12AWG wires and a C19 socket that can handle up to 16 A current.


Some will not like the looks of this unit much since it looks serious, like a server PSU. The fan grill doesn't help much. Nevertheless, the finish is outstanding and the external build quality is absolutely top-notch. EVGA also decided to equip the PSU with a handle bar on the front, which is usually the case with redundant PSUs used in servers.

Under the red sticker, you will find the dip switches, which allow the manual control of the unit's functionality. Please be aware that enabling switch #5 means you won't be able to switch to single/multi-rail and normal/OC modes using software. Right next to the dip switches, on the left, is a small LED indicator.

On one of the two sides, we find the power specifications label, which covers all the real-estate on this side.

At the rear is the modular panel with numerous sockets. The red ones are for the PCIe cables and almost all of them are numbered. In the top right corner resides the micro-USB port through which the PSU can be connected with the mainboard, to be software controlled.

This is a pretty large warranty void sticker. It also informs us that this product is made in China, like almost every modern electronics device nowadays.

Hexagonal screws are used all over this PSU. Thankfully, we are equipped with the suitable screwdriver set.

The PSU is enormous and gets even bigger with the attached bar. Unfortunately, you have to void the unit's warranty in order to remove it.
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