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Enermax MaxRevo 1350 W Review

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The packaging is rather large, as it should be for a PSU of this capacity and size. On the front the black background dominates with the "MaxRevo" written in gold fonts into the center. On the far right edge there is a picture of the free fan sample, provided with the unit. As usual on the rear side we get much more information about the characteristics of the PSU. Enermax informs us about the high density transformer and the copper array bridge. The first is just a transformer with more wires wrapped around its cores, so it has increased density and can handle bigger loads and the second is a method similar to the bus bars that other manufacturers use to transfer power to the modular PCB instead of wires, where we have significant energy losses especially at high currents. On the rear side of the box we also find the power specifications and a description of available cables/connectors for all three members of the MaxRevo family.


Once we removed the packaging's outer sleeve we found a box with three drawers. One big one which stores all cables and the user's manuals and two smaller ones. The latter stores the PSU and its accessories along with the free fan sample that Enermax includes with the purchase of the unit. The rest of the bundle includes two Velcro ties, a piece of paper which describes the power distribution on the modular PCB, the CordGuard metal clip, two sets of screws (one for the PSU and one for the provided fan), an Enermax badge and the AC power cord. Also you will get two nylon bags to store the great amount of modular cables.


The PSU's finish is excellent and overall the build quality is extraordinary. The unit features a matte painting which is scratch resistant and finger print proof. On its sides the classic arrows are engraved into the casing and the MaxRevo logo with gold fonts distinguishes. On the front the classic honeycomb design is used for ventilation. Also we find an on/off switch with dimensions which look small for the 1350W of the PSU (however it does its job very well). The AC socket has a C13 connector and not a high amperage C19 one, which would be highly preferable since the unit has enormous capacity and with 115 AC input well over 10A will pass through the AC power cord getting close to the 15A limit. Underneath the AC socket there are the holes for the CordGuard, which prevents the power cord from accidentally getting unplugged. On the unit's rear side we don't find any hardwired cables as a fully modular design is used. Unfortunately there are no stickers on the modular panel, to give hints about the modular connectors, but its rather easy to find out where you will plug each cable.
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