Enermax MaxRevo 1350 W 5

Enermax MaxRevo 1350 W

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A More Detailed Look Inside

Since we like to push things to the limits we decided to completely take apart the secondary side of the EMR1350EWT. Before we start showing you photos of the procedure let's remind you once more that the victim is a $300 PSU. Nevertheless don't worry, we will assemble it again in the end.

The first thing we had to desolder was the modular PCB and more specific the copper bridge arrays. This was not an easy job but in the end the Hakko 808 prevailed. Near the bottom of the PCB the six shunt resistors for +12V are clearly shown.

Once we removed the modular PCB we had a better view at the Rubycon caps.

Right behind the Rubycon caps reside the two coils which rectify and filter +12V.

After we removed the two coils we can see now the mosfets that regulate +12V. As you can see there are two empty spaces on the PCB. We wonder if the 1500W MaxRevo will have them occupied.

The secondary side now is almost empty meaning that here the fan part ends. Now we have to install and solder all above in their places.
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