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Enermax MAXREVO 1500 W Review

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The packaging is large and heavy, something I expected since it contains a high capacity PSU with a pretty rich bundle. The series description is in the center of the front, plastered on top of a dark background. The capacity of the unit and two badges, one for the unit's efficiency and one for ErP Lot 6 compliance, are on the bottom left corner of the package. A graph for the gift fan (Vegas Duo), which is included in the bundle, can be found on the top right corner.

On the rear of the box, we find interesting information about the PSU, including a brief list of the PSU's crucial features, information about its unique main transformer, a specifications table for all MAXREVO units, and a cables and connectors description for all members of the MAXREVO series. There is also a photo of the copper array transmission that actually connects the modular PCB with the main one. The copper array also provides lower voltage drops and minimized energy losses due to its increased conductivity.


Once we removed the outer sleeving, we find the familiar drawer-style cardboard-box that comes with the other Platimax and MAXREVO units. The top drawer stores all modular cables and the PSU is tucked into the bottom drawer, along with most accessories. Strangely enough, the PSU is not wrapped in a velvet or plastic bag for some extra protection. We find that kind of odd considering its price tag.

The bundle is pretty rich and includes, besides the gift fan, the power guard metal clip to ensures that the power cord will always remain in its place, a rather thin AC power cord that won't overheat because this unit only works in 230VAC power grids (that means only a few Amps will pass through it), several Velcro straps, a case badge, and a set of screws. Enermax also includes two storing bags and the essential user's manual. Many modular cables will, simply due to the sheer quantity the unit comes with, probably be left unused, so a storing bag will surely come in handy.

The unit also comes with a small piece of paper describing the rail distribution on the modular panel. You better take a detailed look at it if you plan to power multiple VGAs.


The PSU's dark matte finish is of excellent quality and is, on top of that, fairly scratch and fingerprint proof. The front utilizes the classic honeycomb-style vent and houses a small on/off switch. We find the familiar hollow X inside a painted MAXREVO logo on the sides, something that easily adds appearance and quality points. The modular panel with its numerous sockets can be found at the rear of the unit.
Enermax puts a nice golden accent to highlight the unit's efficiency, which is on par with the 80 PLUS Gold certification, around the fan grill. Finally, the specifications label can be found on the bottom side.
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