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Enermax Platimax 1200 W

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The packaging is similar to the one of the Enermax Platimax 1500W. On the front only the capacity description changes to 1200W. On the rear side we find interesting information about the unit's characteristics/features and there is also a photo of the internals showing the special design of the heatsinks. Strangely enough on the power specifications table along with the EPM1200EWT a Platimax with EPM1050EWT model number is listed. Currently there is only a 1000W Platimax and this was released long after the 1200W model. So most likely Enermax wanted to release a 1050W Platimax model based on the new platform, but decided against it and instead they released a 1000W Platimax based on an updated version of the Modu87+ platform which would have a more competitive price. Nevertheless, in the end even that didn't end up being affordable for most users.


Once we removed the outer sleeve we met the classic drawer style box. The two smaller bottom drawers house the PSU and all accessories including the gift fan that Enermax provides to the future buyers of EPM1200EWT. The top, large, drawer stores all modular cables. The bundle is pretty rich and includes four Velcro ties, a set of fixing bolts, an AC power cord, the CordGuard metal clip, an Enernax badge, two nylon bags to store the unused modular cables, a user's manual and a piece of paper which illustrates the power distribution on the modular panel.


The unit's external is impressive, to say the least. The grey heavy matte finish is fairly scratch resistant and totally finger-print proof. On the front the classic honeycomb vents are used and next to the AC receptacle a small On/Off switch is installed. On the two sides Enermax chose to put only the series name along with the classic crown instead of fancy decals. This goes well with the Platimax name. On the rear, as usual, resides the modular panel which has 14 sockets in total. The six red ones take the four PCIe cables which provide eight connectors in total and one of the two EPS cables (the other one can be connected to the black socket right beneath the 20pin one). So if you purchase an additional PCIe cable you can have up to ten PCIe connectors! This is a very interesting feature especially if you combine it with the 1440W peak power that this unit can deliver. However you should keep in mind that a unit's peak power can be applied only for short periods of time else you risk destroying it.
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