Enermax Platimax 1500 W 16

Enermax Platimax 1500 W

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The package is big and heavy. On the front the eye-catchy Platimax logo with the crown exudes an air of luxury. In the top right corner Enermax informs us that a free fan is included in the bundle while in the bottom left corner we find the capacity of the PSU along with three badges for the efficiency, warranty period and the ErP Lot 6 compliance. On the rear of the package there is plenty of info regarding technical and design details, a brief analysis of the most crucial features of the unit, the power specifications table and a description of the available cables/connectors. Also there is a small table, in the bottom right corner, which informs about the cost/power savings that the Platimax 1500W promises. The only problem is that the calculation assumes 24/7 operation at the unit's full power!


The inner package features three drawers. The two bottom ones house the PSU and the gift fan along with some accessories while the big top drawer stores all modular cables which are far too many. The bundle is pretty rich including, besides the free fan, two nylon pouches, two sets of Velcro ties, a set of fixing bolts, a user's manual, the CordGuard clip and an AC power cord. Here we should note that the AC cord has normal thickness since there is no need for a heavy duty one. With 220-240VAC input the maximum current even at full power is restricted to around 8A.


The external of the PSU screams of quality. The grayish matte finish features a top notch paint job and is scratch resistant and fingerprint proof. On the front we find a small On/Off switch next to the AC receptacle while on the sides the Platimax logo along with the crown looks really cool with the classic Enermax arrow tips residing on top. On the rear we meet the populated modular panel with fourteen sockets in total! The power specifications label is located on the bottom of the PSU while on the other side the silver fan grill with Enermax's logo in its center adds quality points to the whole set. When you hold the Enermax Platimax 1500 W in your hands, you immediately recognize its high quality, thus understand why it costs so much.
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