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Enermax Revolution87+ 850 W Review

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The box with the PSU is quite small and features simple graphics. On the front center the series name is written in relatively small text. In the bottom right corner we find the corresponding badges for three of the most interesting characteristics of the PSU, the five year warranty, the Gold efficiency and the 850W capacity.

As usual, on the rear side of the box there is plenty of information about the unit's specifications and features. Among others there are two graphs describing the PSU's efficiency and the effectiveness of the heat guard system which keeps the fan spinning after the unit's shutdown, in order to lower its internal temperature. Also there is a scheme showing the anatomy of the fan's twister bearing, which has up to three times longer lifespan compared to plain sleeved bearings. Finally among the feature description we spotted that the unit uses only 105°C Japan made caps and a dynamic hybrid transformer topology which offers higher efficiency and stability. Our test results will prove this.


The contents of the box are neatly arranged but the unit is unfortunately not protected by a velvet bag or at least a nylon one. Nevertheless its coating is scratch resistant but since its price puts it in the high-end category we would like to see a luxury note here (meaning a nice velvet storage bag). Thankfully there is a storage pouch for the modular cables, which probably will be needed since few users will utilize all of them. The rest of the bundle includes the cord guard clip, which secures the AC cord in place, a set of fixing bolts, some Velcro straps, the AC cord, the user's manual and a marketing leaflet.


Like all high-end Enermax PSUs this one also features a high quality powder coating which is fingerprint proof and scratch resistant. Also the surface around the fan has a gold highlight, something that adds quality points and reminds of the Gold efficiency rating. On the sides the painted series description looks rather plain while on the front we meet the classic honeycomb design exhaust grill along with the AC receptacle and an On/Off switch. On the rear side the modular panel resides and it is equipped with many modular sockets. Actually the provided PCIe cables take over only two of the three 12pin PCIe sockets, so if you acquire one more cable with two connectors you can have up to eight PCIe connectors. The native cables are four and ideally the second EPS connector should be modular and not native, since very few users will utilize both of them at the same time. Sleeving on all cables is of high quality and on the native cables it goes back into the casing. Also the cable exit hole is equipped with a grommet to further protect the wires.
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