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Enermax Revolution X't 630 W Review

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The box doesn't feature any fancy graphics, but it follows a rather serious design, which is fine with us since we care about what it hides inside instead. The front has the series description in large, yellow font, while the capacity and 80 Plus Gold badge are at the bottom-right corner of the front.

This side has a brief features description in multiple languages.

Most interesting here are a series of badges depicting the ERX630AWT's Gold efficiency, the HeatGuard feature, its flat modular cables, Haswell compatibility, and the twister-bearing fan.

The rear of the box includes interesting information about the connectors available to all members of the line, their power specifications, and brief descriptions of the HeatGuard feature and the ErP Lot 6 2013 directive. Two schemes also showcase the Twister-Bearing technology the unit's fan exploits, and its hybridized modular system.


The PSU is protected by a special bag with large air compartments, which increases protection offered while being more ECO friendly than packing foam, and cheaper.

The bundle includes the cord-guard clip, which secures the AC cord in place, some Velcro-straps, a set of fixing bolts, the user's manual, a nylon pouch for the modular cables, and the AC power cord.


The PSU features a nice matte finish that is fairly scratch resistant and fingerprint proof, which made our photo-shooting session easier. Its small on/off switch at the front is right next to the AC receptacle, and Enermax again decided to use its classic honeycomb-style grille. The decals on both sides only depict the product line and are kind of small, while there are only four modular sockets in the rear. The cable-exit hole is pretty large for its number of native cables and features a grommet. The specifications label is on the PSU's bottom.

The ERX630AWT's dimensions are compact, thanks to its short length, which makes its installation very easy. Also, although it has enough native cables to suit our taste, all of these are thankfully ribboned and stealth.

As already stated, all cables, including the native ones, are ribboned and stealth, which is a nice touch, though we would like it to utilize a fully modular cabling design instead of a semi-modular one.

The modular PCIe cable hosts two connectors. Both set themselves apart through their red color.

The general quality of all modular and native cables is acceptable, and the fact that all are flat will help maintain good air-flow inside the case.
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