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Enermax packages the Hoplite in a plain brown cardboard box with the brand and name printed on the larger sides. There is no image of the chassis anywhere, but the sides of the box go into further detail about the specifications of the enclosure. Seems that there are three different versions of the chassis out there, but I am only able to find the ECA3220 version in retail and this is also the sample we have received.

The case is held in place by fairly thin foam spacers. Even though these are generic spacers and not shaped like the chassis, the Hoplite made it here safe and sound. A clear plastic bag further protects the chassis from scratches and the likes during the packing process.


Besides a manual, you will receive six bags of sorted black screws, along with a speaker and two tiny black zip ties. Luckily, Enermax also includes two of their signature Velcro bands on top of those.
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