Enermax Hoplite 5

Enermax Hoplite

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Enermax Hoplite sells for around 80 Euro incl. taxes in Europe. US buyers will have to spend 90 to 100 USD + taxes on the chassis.
  • Well designed front with flop open bars for easy installation of 5.25 inch drives
  • LED VEGAS Fan for plenty of lighting customization
  • Two hot-swap HDD bays with high-quality PCB
  • Plenty of space for large CPU coolers
  • 240 mm radiator should fit into ceiling
  • Plenty of space for fans above the case ceiling
  • Excellent tool-less system for hard drives
  • Great tool-less system for ODDs
  • LED VEGAS fan speed easily adjustable
  • USB 3.0 connector
  • HDD dock up top
  • Plastic feels flimsy
  • HDD dock not really there - it is just a connector
  • Large opening in side panel means that noise is hard to keep within the case
  • Small openings in the mainboard tray for cable management
  • Tight space between mainboard tray and side panel. Tough for cable management
  • Only two fans
The Hoplite is a very solid chassis from Enermax - which may be surprising for some. While the exterior is cause for some concern in terms of construction quality the case scores big with the cool looks and well engineered interior design. The hot-swap bays along with the extremely well made tool-less systems for both ODDs and HDDs make the chassis a joy to work with. That said, the chassis still has a few minor shortcomings, which are by no means a dealbreaker, but do warrant mentioning. Enermax should remove the breakout mainboard expansion bay covers and replace them with separate ones along with thumb screws. Another area of concern is the limited space for cable management, but as you can see, you should be able to hide them well enough nonetheless. The biggest gripe I have is with the poor implementation of the top HDD dock. This feature seems rushed and users may feel cheated as it can not really cannot be called a dock. If Enermax manages to fix all these small issues and improve the quality of the plastic in their future cases, they may well have a winner on their hands.
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