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Enermax SpineRex Review

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Enermax ships the chassis in a full color box, with a partial image of the chassis on one side. If you want to get more detail, you will have to turn the package around as all the details have been placed on the other side, while the specifications have been placed on the side panel of the box. Overall, Enermax has done a good job conveying the advantages of the SpineRex.

Due to the size of the chassis, it has been secured with foam spacers instead of brittle Styrofoam. This is a good thing, as it is able to absorb any fall without breaking apart.


You will receive a well rounded package of extras with the chassis. A few parts to route cables and to hold them together are part of this set. A sticker also shows the different lighting possibilities of the fans along with a manual which explains how to assemble your system. Since most of the drive bays utilize rails, a tray filled with such parts can also be found within the case itself.
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