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Enermax SpineRex Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Enermax SpineRex sells for around 120 Euro in Europe. Expect a similar price in US Dollar value.
  • Well designed front with flop open bars for easy installation of 5.25 inch drives
  • LED VEGAS Fans for plenty of lighting customization
  • Large side fan with choice of blue or red LEDs
  • Space for eight HDDs
  • 240 mm radiator fits into ceiling
  • Plenty of space for fans above the case ceiling
  • Tool-less rail design for 3.5 and 5.25 inch devices
  • Three fans included
  • "Spine" top, allows you to close the vent
  • USB 3.0 connector
  • Thumbscrews on motherboard expansion slots
  • Tray on top quite useful
  • Very limited height for CPU coolers
  • Graphics cards may be limited to <300 mm length
  • Side fan can only be removed with entire controlling mechanism
  • Mainboard tray does not extend to the bottom of the chassis
  • No spots for 2.5 inch drives
  • Limited space behind mainboard tray
  • No real way to do cable management
  • Won't fix XL-ATX or HPTX boards
  • Dust filter for PSU bay requires disassembly
  • Fans not the quietest
  • Plastic does not feel too solid.
Enermax has been in the case business for quite some time. With a full range of cases at their disposal and some experience in the market, I was expecting a bit more from the SpineRex chassis. While the use of an existing frame and tooling is alright, as many manufacturers do it, the choice of this case may not have been the best one. Considering the shortcomings and limitations within the case itself, it becomes obvious that the frame structure is by no means the newest. No 2.5 inch bays, no XL-ATX support are two big signs of age. What bothers me the most in this unit, is the fact that Enermax has simply taken that and slapped their own top and front onto it, instead of really trying to update the case and at least part of the tooling. While there are some cool aspects, all pertaining to the self-designed parts, like the front of the chassis, allowing for easy installation of external devices and the addition of the LED VEGAS fans, in the end, this may not be enough. If the case were to sell for 90-100 Euros, it would be a completely different story, but considering the price segment of around 120 Euro, there is extremely fierce competition there from so many other manufacturers, that it becomes impossible to give this case a recommendation.
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