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Packaging and Contents

The Evercool Transformer 6 comes in a nice large box. The theme of the box is black and blue, which is very similar to Evercool's website. The logo appears on the top left of the front of the box, the bottom left on the back of the box and even on the top of the box near the handle. Also featured on the front is a clear window, in which you can see the side of the cooler. There are images of the cooler placed around the entire box, including the front. Towards one side is the compatibility list and specifications of the heatsink, whilst on the other side, to my surprise, there is the entire installation guide for both Intel and AMD CPU sockets. Towards the back of the box is the list of features. On the top of the packaging is a simple yet very practical plastic handle, which enhances the portability of the unit.

The Transformer 6 comes with a whole bundle of accessories. The actual cooler is packaged within a secure plastic shell, held together by standard “pop on/off” clips. This is not the ordinary hard plastic found on most coolers though; it is more of a soft and flexible plastic. Contained within this plastic shell is the cooler itself as well as an Evercool box, with the same theme as the main box. Upon opening this box you will find all your standard accessories.

Included in the package is a retention bracket for Intel Socket 775 based installations, a retention bracket and support clip for AMD based installations as well as a pack of screws for both AMD and Intel Socket 775 (each labelled accordingly).

A small tube of thermal grease is also included. An added accessory is a fan controller, yet it is different to most ordinary external fan controllers. It sits within the case and does not have a knob but rather an on/off switch (i.e., there are only two settings for the fan to be on, low or high).
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