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Everglide Titan "Fnatic Edition" Review

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The surface is where the real innovation is, the Fibertek surface from Everglide is truly amazing. It performs great not only with old optical mice but is also compatible with all laser mice. I have tested the mat with the following mice:
  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 (IME 3.0),
  • Microsoft Habu (With the newest drivers and firmware),
  • Razer Copperhead (With the newest drivers and firmware).
One of the things I'm always testing is how consistent the glide and tracking is. I have to say tracking was always spot on when using this mat regardless if I was using one of my laser mice or my old IME 3.0. The surface is low-friction for a hybrid mat, it feels like a NOIDpad with just a little added friction.

As you can see from the picture above, the surface is really fine grained. The general feel of the surface is smooth and soft.
I didn't notice any excessive negative acceleration while using this mat, not even with my old optical mouse which should be more color sensitive than the two laser mice.


The Fnatic Edition is just as big as any of the Everglide Titan Monster mats which are available in different colors. The pad is an enormous 444x355mm (Width x Length). Besides that it's only 4mm thick which makes it very comfortable to use.

As you can see the Fnatic Edition is substantially larger than the NOIDpad and way larger than the QPAD EC-R.
I like the fact that the mat is so enormous because I play with a rather low-sensitivity and I hate running out of mat. I think that most low-sensitivity gamers will feel right at home on this mat due to its shear size and consistent glide.


Since the Everglide Titan is a cloth based hybrid mat it is really comfortable to use even over an extended period of time due to the fact that it has a soft feel and doesn't harm your wrist because it's comfortably thin with just 4 mm.


As with any hybrid mat, durability is a real problem. The edges of the mat are quite volatile even compared to other hybrid mats on the market. I have been using an Everglide Titan based mat for a long time now, almost 6 months (Razer Mantis Speed) and the edges are quite damaged, but the surface itself is still perfectly smooth.
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