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Everglide S-500 Headset

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Closer Examination

The headset is quite large and the ear cup padding is absolutely huge.

The headset comes with a LAN bag and a small clip-on microphone. I like the fact that Everglide supplies a decent carrying bag for the headset that can protect the headset a bit when you are traveling.

As you can see from the picture above, the clip-on microphone is quite ordinary, both in build quality and construction.

One of the things that amazed me immediately after I got the headset out of the box was the build quality, every aspect of the headset feels built to last. It seems like there Everglide has worked through every small detail with a critical perception.

The cord connects to each of the ear cups through a small cord that runs outside of the size adjustment mechanism, this is a really nice idea because a lot of headsets have problems with the internal connectors often used by headset manufacturers.

When it comes to adjusting, the Everglide s-500 doesn't disappoint. Each ear cup is adjustable by approximately 0.3cm intervals, the frails which the mechanism relys on are nicely constructed so that you can't mess your configuration up by simply putting it on your desk.

One of the most important aspects of a headset is the comfort while using it. Everglide has equipped this headset with a massive over sized headband covered with artificial leather.

The padding under the leather is quite thick making the headset comfortable to wear.

Another area where Everglide has tried to increase the comfort is the ear cups. The padding around the ear cups is really thick, which is both comfortable and helps to keep noise out of the ear cup.

The exterior of the ear cup is made in a nice clean white color with the Everglide logo on. The ear cups are quite large compared to most headsets on the market today.

The cord connectors of the headset are real heavy duty, this is nice to see because it's usually the Achilles heel of a headset.

Both the mini-jack connector cord and the way the cord is connected to the headset itself is a very durable construction.
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