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FSP AURUM 92+ 650 W Review

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The unit came to us in a plain black cardboard box. Apparently, the outer sleeve of the box was lost during its way to us, or simply wasn't ready yet. The fact is that we don't have anything to comment on about this box. Let us skip to the PSU's content description instead.


The contents are nicely arranged with the PSU on the right and a smaller carton box including all accessories on the left. The PSU is surrounded by packing foam along its sides and on top, ensuring that the PSU will reach its future buyer in immaculate condition.

This small box contains all modular cables with most of them being flat, a set of Velcro straps for cable management tasks, a set of thumb screws for chassis mounting, and an FSP case badge. Someone apparently forgot to include an AC power cord since this is an early sample for reviewing only purposes, but we thankfully have a ton of them lying around the lab.


FSP states that the PSU has a unique rugged granite-touch finish. Indeed, the finish looks nice and is, on top of that, highly functional; reviewers, since it is fingerprint resistant, don't have to touch the PSU with gloves during photo-shooting. At the front, we find the arrow shaped holes that, according to FSP, allow for better air extraction, while FSP's logo is carved onto the sides of the case. The rear houses a small number of modular sockets along with the native cables. The latter are fully sleeved back into the housing, are protected by a silver grommet, and reside at the cable exit-hole. On the top side, around the nicely designed fan grill, are two silver accent trims instead of the gold trims used in previous AURUM units with Gold efficiency. Lastly, the power specifications label is installed on the bottom side.
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