FSP Aurum Xilenser 500 W 0

FSP Aurum Xilenser 500 W

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The package is quite large and has nice graphics. On the front center we meet the series description displayed in a pretty fancy way while on the bottom left side we find the badges for the Gold efficiency and the five year warranty.

On the bottom side there is a multi-language notice that informs users to visit the official FSP site for detailed information about the product. Apparently there wasn't any space on the box to include even a very brief features description.

As usual on the rear side you can find interesting information about the product. In this case we found the power specifications table, a description of the available cables/connectors, an efficiency graph and a description of the unit's most interesting characteristics.


The contents of the box are neatly arranged and well protected by packing foam. Around the PSU there is a strip of paper which informs the user thatthe PSU must be installed with the arrow ventilation facing upwards, else the hot air will be trapped inside the PSU's case. The modular cables and the rest of the bundle are stored in a smaller box. Finally, besides the user's manual and a set of fixing bolts FSP was kind enough to provide some Velcro straps which will be useful in cable routing tasks.


The unit features a nice dark grey, matte texture powder coating and instead of the classic honeycomb design exhaust holes it uses arrow shaped ones which according to FSP improve airflow. The fan grill looks nice and it has two platic trims around it while on the rear side the modular panel is located on the bottom of the unit and the single fixed wire is fully sleeved back into the housing. Finally the specifications label is located on the bottom of the PSU where we also find some ventilation holes. All in all we liked the external looks of this unit and its finish, which is fingerprint proof.
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